All hail the headsand heartsthat make us.

We are Thesis.

Our agency, our work, and our world are better when different perspectives come together.

Kathleen Adame - Project Manager
Adenike Akinbisehin - Writing Lead
Brit Allison - Senior Project Manager
Faulkner Allocco - Lead Creative Producer
Andee Anderson - Senior Account Manager
KC Anderson - Senior Account Manager
Shana Andrews - Account Supervisor
Deena Anreise - Writing Director
Manny Aponte - Senior Project Manager
Fran Appleton - Account Lead
Amir Armstrong - Account Manager
Sarah Auldredge - Lead Strategist
Julia Baker - Senior Account Manager
Lawrence Banks - Project Manager
Ty Barber - Strategic Marketing Analyst
Kennedy Barrera-Cruz - Designer
Michael Barrett - Head of Technology & Innovation
Elaine Beatley - Project Manager
Trisha Bell - Project Manager
Timothy Blanchard - Junior Project Manager
Allison Bowe - Designer
Matt Bowe - Senior Designer
Fiona Bransgrove - Junior Project Manager
Kyle Bridges - Senior Strategist
Erica Brotzman - Project Manager
Andre Brown - Design Lead
Audra Brown - Head of Partner Services
Patrice Brown - Senior Designer
Ryan Buchanan - Founder & Chairman
Alli Burkett - Senior Account Manager
Marisa Buzzy - Project Manager
Truman Capps - Copywriter
Ali Carleton - Senior Project Manager
Annie Carlson - Design Lead
Joe Carolino - Chief Creative Officer
Jaime Cartales - Project Manager
Ariel Castaneda - Designer
Jeanette Castaneda - Senior Copywriter
Renata Castro - Senior Designer
Kim Catchpole - Account Supervisor
Olyvia Chac Nguyen - Junior Copywriter
Jake Cheek - Senior Performance Analyst
Alex Cho - Technology Director
Elise Choi - Senior Copy Editor
Zachary Chong - Junior Project Manager
AJ Christianson - Designer
Bree Chun - Designer
Sean Clark - Project Manager
Sara Cocco - Chief Operating Officer
Adam Collins - Writing Lead
Jenna Colton - Senior Project Manager
Cassandra Conner - Design Lead
Sarah Conte - Project Manager
Evan Corpuz - Design Director
Mario Correa - Designer
Emanuel Costache - Senior Analyst
Victor Covington - Project Manager
Ronnie Cribbin - Project Management Director
Mina Crowder - Senior Project Manager
Chloe Dahlborg - Senior Project Manager
Anthony Dawahare - Senior Project Manager
Brandon Day - Project Manager
Caseem Desphy - Project Manager
Chelsi Deymonaz - Account Supervisor
Becky Dieffenbach - Design Director
Mark Dilson - Lead Analyst
Selina Duangkaew - Studio Manager
Becky Duncan - Senior Project Manager, Team Lead
Lindsey Edge - Project Manager
Julie Eickhof - Writing Lead
Maika Enhada - Email Lead
Liz Epp - Writing Lead
Kalie Eyman - Senior Writer
Janie Faison - Motion Designer
Andrea Feehan - Project Manager
Sharon Feinblatt - Senior Project Manager
Jason Flugum - Senior Designer
Umi Francis - Email Lead
Jesus Garcia - Studio Manager
Toby Garner - Designer
John Gaskin - Design Lead
Jim Gibbons - Writing Lead
Kate Gilley - Project Manager
Kimberlin Glenn - Senior Strategist
Liz Goodin - Account Director
Karla Graciano - Designer
Michelle Griffin - Design Lead
Marcela Gurdian - Designer
Brandon Ha - Project Manager
Gina Hackett - Senior Project Manager, Team Lead
Daniel Haggard - Project Manager
Callie Hakim - Design Lead
Elle Halliburton - Strategist
Vanessa Hammer - Senior Project Manager
Elizabeth Harney - Senior Copywriter
Shon-Lueiss Harris - Senior Writer
Alex Helenius - Designer
Juanita Heyman - Project Manager
Abby Hoffman - Design Lead
Phuc Hong Phan - Senior Designer UI/UX
Cassie Hoover - Project Manager
Makenna Huck - Account Supervisor
Jason Huff - Design Operations Lead
Rachel Hughes - Senior Project Manager
Kristen Hura - Associate Director, B2B Strategy
Heather Hyland - Writing Director
Altan James - Senior Account Manager
Amanda Jara - Project Manager
Krystal Jeffries - Project Manager
Gordana Jehlicka - Senior Account Manager
Kaity Jerolamon - Account Supervisor
Keenan Jones - Senior Account Manager
Clint Kamstra - Designer
Kaheawai Kaonohi - Junior Designer
Patrick Kawahara - Creative Operations Lead
Angela Kea - Studio Manager
Lauren Kelleher - Senior Project Manager
Sydney Kiest - Project Manager
Andrew Kim - Software Engineer
Karis Kim - Copywriter
Francie King - Project Manager
Rachael Klicka - Associate Director
Alex Kocher - Design Director
Jodie Krivens - Senior Project Manager, Team Lead
Angel La Riva - Senior Account Manager
Harben Lachica - Designer
Jalen Ladd - Lead Creative Producer, Brand
Amanda LaMarco - Senior Designer, Motion
Kenneth Lamborn - Account Manager
Ned Lannamann - Copy Editor
Marcie Lathrop - Performance Intelligence Analyst
Molly Leaf - Head of Operations
Thaïs Lee - Senior Account Manager
Carling Leon - Senior Engagement Manager
Alfredo Lettenmaier - Project Manager
Josef Liebhardt - Senior Project Manager
Elissa Liong - Performance Analyst
Elise Loeb - Design Lead
Nickey Loescher - Senior Project Manager
John Lovell - Project Manager
Meysha Lovrien - Design Director
Heidi Lueb - Head of Finance
Britta Lundstrom - Head of Design
Spencer Malone - Senior Software Engineer
Trevor Marois - Associate Director of Project Management
Becca Marsh - Executive Administrator
Lulu Martinez - Senior Designer
Rosy Martinez - Senior Designer
Kyle McCarthy - Lead Content Strategist, B2B
Kyle McCune - Senior Account Manager
Drue McCurdy - Design Lead
Jordan McDonnell - Social Media Analyst
Kristen McKee - Senior Designer
Rachel Milbauer - Strategist
Christine Miller - Senior Copywriter
Catriona Mills - Account Director
Chris Mitchell - Strategy Lead
Keaton Mohr - Project Manager
Matt Monnin - Senior Project Manager, Team Lead
Chris Morales - Digital Media Analyst
Brandon Morayo - Senior Motion Designer
Sarah Morgan - Designer
Heidi Nelson - Director HR & Administration
Julia Nemeth - Project Manager
Octavius Newman - Creative Lead, Brand
Lavanya Nolan - Account Lead
Jim Nowierski - Head of Strategy & Performance
Alex Orr - Digital Media Analyst
Stephanie Orudiakumo - Senior Designer
Danny Palmer - Design Lead
Margaret Park Bridges - Copy Editor
Addy Peake - Senior Account Manager
Rod Perry - Account Supervisor
Pascal Peschka - Senior Account Manager
Sydney Peterson - Senior Project Manager
Bao Phan - Junior Designer
Alison Pond - Senior Designer
Lauren Pond - Account Supervisor
Allison Porcell - Project Manager
Ariel Posey - Creative Operations Director
Max Radi - Design Lead
Dominga Ramirez - Writing Director
David Rasmussen - Project Manager
John Ray - Senior Account Manager
Anna Reed - Lead Strategist
Natalie Reed - Engagement Manager
Jeremy Resnick - Senior Copywriter
Pat Rice - Account Supervisor
Cemal Richards - Senior Software Engineer
Lauren Robinson - Account Manager
Denny Robles - Design Director
Kevin Rock - Principal Data Strategist
Erin Roetker - Project Manager
Leila Rojas - Account Manager
Hannah Rosenkranz - Account Supervisor
Jesse Rowell Jr - Studio Manager
Enrique Ruiz - Senior Talent Acquisition Manager
Jacob Salazar - Designer
Lorraine Salazar - Motion Designer
Laurie Seibold - Email Lead
Stephanie Shalz - Account Director
Julian Shamloo - Senior Account Manager
Lana Shapiro-Alkhadher - Associate Director, Project Management
César Sierra - Senior Designer
Annalisa Smola - Senior Project Manager
Griffen Snow - Lead Motion Designer
Ty Sokalski - Junior Designer
Claire Sonnier - Senior Account Manager
Suny Stanfield - Design Lead
Crystal Stanford - Senior Digital Media Analyst
Angelee Stenson - Project Manager
Tyler Stenson - Head of Writing & Comms
Hannah Stewart - Project Manager
Ryan Stively - Data and Analytics Director
Mindy Stovey - Accounting Manager
Joe Streckert - Copywriter
Chandler Subra - Designer
Katie Sukalich - Writing Lead
Laura Sullivan - Project Manager
Katie Summer - Project Manager
Emily Takahashi - Designer
Carrie Taylor - Creative Operations Lead
Brendan Thomas - Account Manager
Scot Thompson - Chief People Officer
Alison Tierney - Chief Brand Officer
Daisy Truong - Junior Designer
Dion Tucker - Director of IT Operations
Matthew Turner - Strategy Lead
Koko Udomah - Junior Copywriter
Juli Unger - Strategy Director
Robyn Unruh - Associate Director
Marina Valentina - Motion Designer
Jacqueline Valle - Senior Copywriter
Carl VanderZanden - Writing Lead
Kayleen Veatch - Executive Assistant
Wolfgang Vosburgh - Design Lead
Paula Wart - Senior Copywriter
Thomas Wells - Copywriter
Scott Wilder - Senior Account Manager
Sherelle Williams - Project Manager
Meg Wong Stoney - Designer
Shannon Woolley - Strategist
Patience Woolridge - Design Lead
Stacey Workman - Account Supervisor
Kirstyn Wright - Project Manager
Michelle Wright - Senior Engagement Manager - Special Projects
Mary Yajko - Senior Copywriter
Susan Yoon - Senior Studio Manager
Keely York - CEO
James Yu - Copy Editor
Ivy Zhong - Junior Project Manager

Many the minds. Plenty the perspectives.

Come as you are.

Diversity only works with fair treatment, access, and opportunity — and an all-in culture that supports people from all walks.

We are hiring.

Open Positions